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    As Samsung remained silent about its flagship the Galaxy S10, one thing we know definitely could it be won’t are the company’s first phone with 5G.

    As outlined by Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh Dong-Jin confirmed this fact at the press event in Korea, squashing any previous rumors that claimed otherwise. Koh said Samsung remains working with local carriers is the first to unveil a 5G phone, with offers to launch 5G in March within specific locations. But he didn’t give any information on which Samsung phone it will be.

    So the S10 won’t function as the first 5G smartphone, but that doesn’t mean it can’t function as the second. It’s still possible the Galaxy S10 could include support for faster 5G networks, however only time will inform. It’s likely that it could possibly appear in are Samsung’s foldable smartphone, referred to as the Galaxy X or Galaxy F.

    The South Korean gadget giant finally announced the making available of the anticipated Galaxy Note 9 officially on August 24th.

    The Galaxy Note 9’s specs are top-notch. Which makes it an everything phone, one of many best you can purchase because of the Items you require being intact. It’ll carry you thru the following 2-3 many years of excellent photos, Android updates and that jazz.

    With this long anticipated Samsung released Galaxy Note 9 isn’t very different looking at the predecessor Note 8 with regards to design and the entire body form, which has almost exactly the same dimension but a tiny bit heavier; due to the buffed up battery capacity and Gorilla Glass 5 covering is for the device’s front and rear.

    Althoug the device is quite expensive, because it sells for $1,000 at, Note 9 isn’t mere toy because it posesses stronger features, which has a 6.4-inch screen, the new S Pen doubles being a wireless remote for taking long-distance selfies, 4,000-mAh battery, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and only 128GB or a whopping 512GB (!!!) of onboard storage, including a micro sd card, plus much more.

    It is possible to pre-order the Galaxy Note 9 now, before 8/23. Be on the lookout for trade-in deals, promotions and bundled gifts like AKG noise-canceling headphones ($299 value) or 15,000 V-bucks ($150 value) etc.

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