Mr. Lyriq a.k.a HEYESH is always working relentlessly ensuring that his fans/music lovers always get the best musical materials out of his sleeves. Little wonder, a small musical break from him can only mean he is behind closed doors cooking dope songs.

“ONE HIT”, the cover to Coubhams Asuquo new song which has getting massive airplay, for me it’s not just a song rather a prayer request. It is with no dispute a song that will keep one at lost, wondering, if Mr. Lyriq is out to make a difference of the Nigerian music industry because his talent is rare. The song is a genius masterpiece. Even Einstein would have nodded in agreement.

The artist plans on releasing tracks he’s been working on lately, even though he has been quiet for the past couple months. Listen and share your thoughts, you can also follow Mr. Lyriq on Twitter, Instagram @realmrlyriq”



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